I ❤︎ Books


What do you do when you’ve moved on a boat and realise there’s not enough electricity to run the fridge and the TV at the same time? We chose the TV and kicked the fridge out, no wait, it was the other way around… Living without a TV or a decent internet connection is hard for a TV-series junkie like me. I miss drama and documentaries, sometimes I even miss The Kardashians and this summer’s tennis matches were played without me as a cheering audience on the edge of the couch.

I couldn’t go completely without some kind of moving images so I found a way to get through the worst abstinences. I watched Inside Amy Schumer and various Ted Talks on Youtube. But it dawned on me, after a while, that our battery’s were flat because I charged my iPhone all the time. (That’s why our fridge didn’t turn cold in May…) Anyway I had to find a new source of entertainment so I rediscovered books. They don’t need a wall outlet to work and that’s quite extraordinary these days.



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