New name, same style!


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve renamed the blog. It’s now called:

Continuous cruiser is the expression that is used about those of us who live on a boat and move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood every 14th day. I like the expression; it’s how life is, you move along, continuously.

In Norwegian: 


Som noen av dere kanskje har lagt merke til så har jeg omdøpt bloggen. Nå heter den:

Continuous cruiser, eller kontinuerlig reisende, er uttrykket som brukes om oss som bor i båt og som flytter oss fra nabolag til nabolag hver 14.dag. Jeg liker uttrykket; det er jo sånn livet er, man flytter seg, kontinuerlig.

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  1. Where are you at the moment? Do you go and down the same spots often and have you got a definite favourite?

    1. We’re by Victoria Park at the moment and that is really sweet. We’re not moored in the same spot that often because we have to move the boat quite far between east and west, at least 20 miles. My favourite spot is without doubt Little Venice, but Paddington, King’s Cross, Haggerston and Hackney Wick are really cool too. Every place has it’s own charm. Rickmansworth is quite nice too. Outside of London I would say anywhere on the Thames is pretty awesome!

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