How to get rid of your wrinkles…


So apparently Summer is over for now. I was heartbroken when I was told it was going to rain so I soaked up as much sun as I could during my lunch break on deck. That’s also when I found a cure against wrinkles… Drum role: Get the app Snapseed and use the filter called ‘Smooth’ and voilà..:

Wrinkles are gone 😉




Yesterday I heard about this 18-year old girl who’s training to become a captain on the Thames. Someday she wants to be the captain of an ocean liner. How cool is that! It made me think of this book called HOW GIRLS CAN HELP BUILD THE EMPIRE. It’s from 1912 and asks questions like, «Perhaps you don’t see how a mere girl can be of use to the Great British Empire?» Great question, right? But we can all rest assured because, «Girls can even be brave enough to shoot tigers, if they can keep cool.»  ; )


Dear Law of Attraction…

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 17.16.08.png


Dear Law Of Attraction,

I’ve visualised wearing this skirt all summer. I’ve walked the streets as if I already own it. There’s space for it in my closet and I’m sending it one positive thought after another, because it would look really good with my blue bathing suit. (Please, see attached photo.)
Please, dear Law Of Attraction, my patience is about to run out. What more do I have to do? (Except paying for it of course, which is totally out of the question since we’re trying to save up for solar panels.)
Waiting in anticipation for your response dear Law Of Attraction.
Kind Regards Cathrine


The Love Boat


Husker dere den sangen fra TV-serien The Love Boat? Det var egentlig det jeg ville kalle båten den gangen vi kjøpte den, The Love Boat, men vi bestemte oss for å beholde båtens originale navn, Butterfly. I begynnelsen følte jeg ikke at jeg var den typen dame i det hele tatt, som kunne bo i en båt so het Butterfly. «Jeg er ikke den type hippie,» tenkte jeg. Men man kan venne seg til mye…

Do you remember that song from the TV-series, The Love Boat? That’s actually what I wanted to call the boat when we bought it, The Love Boat, but we decided to keep the original name, Butterfly. In the beginning I felt like I wasn’t that kind of woman at all, who could live on a boat called Butterfly. «I’m not that kind of hippie,» I thought. But then you change…